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A few years ago my mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This moved me to search for a way to assist children in making better food choices by using characters as motivation. So with the help of a few friends, I created stories showing the characters overweight, with bad eating habits. Then showing them making a conscious effort to change the way they ate along with exercise, thus living healthier lives. The music we created is a series of fun, meaningful songs made to inspire them. In order to familiarize children with our message, we visit schools to do interactive book readings along with fun exercises to get them active. Our goal is that these efforts will assist them in making better lifestyle choices so as not to develop juvenile diabetes and other related health issues. My mom is doing great because of the changes that she made, and she really enjoys what we have created as well. Part of the proceeds we derive will be donated to the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital for diabetes research. We will make a difference one child at a time!

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Healthy Children Books

Many kids today, struggle with pressure from their peers to look or even act a certain way. Some even deal with emotions of not fitting in, or feeling left out. Our books offer a fresh look into the battle of living a healthier lifestyle using characters. They are designed to offer a glimpse into their struggle with bad eating habits. Determined to change, the characters take us on a journey showing the steps they took, and decisions they made to eventually change their life for the better.


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